Akasha Space: The Benefits of a Weekend in a Spa Hotel

The Benefits of a Weekend in a Spa Hotel

For those who want to treat themselves to a short wellness getaway, the choice of a stay in a hotel with spa offers an excellent compromise. It’s a great way to rest and rejuvenate the body and mind worn out by a stressful daily life, as the health benefits of spring water are well established.

Tired of the week’s worries and need a weekend break? Why not opt for a stay in a hotel with a spa to give you a moment of well-being out of the stressful everyday life. Enough to recharge the batteries by taking advantage of the benefits of this type of stay.

Because even for a short stay, the spa can help you to relax completely, get fit and get back on the right foot in your daily life. The benefits of the spa are indeed no longer to be proven. For those who perform physical work, better blood circulation and reduced pain thanks to the therapeutic virtues of the waters will allow you to recover effectively. For those who are under the strain of a stressful job, the massage jets will bring a feeling of relaxation and well-being that will relax your tensions. Finally, those who live in the city will see their skin rid of pollution toxins by deep cleansing the pores of the skin.

However, it is still necessary to choose your holiday destination carefully. Are you looking for simple fitness or more specific treatments? Anti-stress, prenatal or post-natal cure, dietetic support, menopause or even heavy legs, the offer in the States tends to specialize more and more on particular requests. A fortiori for short stays where the patient seek a precise and immediate well-being.

And don’t forget to look at the hotel too. Between the establishments offering absolute calm and those more “lively” in the evening, choose the atmosphere to add to the therapeutic benefits… an excellent souvenir of your stay.

The Different Types of Spas

  • The Urban Spa: a small cocoon in the heart of the city that allows a total escape for a few hours.
  • The day spa: in the city or in the countryside, the day spa offers you treatments that can be spread out over the whole day.
  • The private spa: a space of less than 100m2, reserved for hotel guests. Usually, it is limited to a massage cabin, hammam or sauna, and calls on outside contributors to provide care.
  • The hotel spa: it is often combined with a fitness gym, a hairdresser, a beauty salon, it is a service that takes a lot of effort in 3-star hotels.
  • The spa residence of tourism: for a more specifically family clientele, this type of spa is in full expansion, because well-being and family life are not dissociable, the spa treatments invite themselves in the family sphere. He’s one of the pleasure spas.
  • The Cruise Spa: a cruise ship entirely dedicated to the Spa, this type of service is based on very specialized and high-tech equipment, and a wellness area infinitely larger than on land, nearly 2900m2 for the Norwegian Epic for example, and sometimes a dietary accompaniment thanks to “health” menus, but also various services such as teeth whitening, Botox injections. Holidays at the Spa, for luxurious services!

5 Unique Things to do in Miami

If you are going to visit Miami, you are sure to spend a lot of time at the beach. It’s probably the first activity that comes to mind when you hear about this Florida city: the beach! In the middle of Biscayne Bay and beautiful islands, Miami abounds in long white sand beaches, and with sunshine all year round, it’s hard to resist.

But this colourful city is much more than just the perfect place to sunbathe, it offers a lot of activities, sometimes surprising!

Check out our top 5 things to do in Miami.

1. Salsa dancing in Little Havana

Miami is seen as the (unofficial) capital of Cuban-American culture since 1960. It’s the best place in the United States to enjoy a mojito, cortado coffee, tapas, while learning Latin dance steps. It is at the Ball and Chain club that you will show off your dancing skills, immersing yourself in local history. Open since 1930, the club has welcomed great stars such as Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday and Count Basie. The club’s famous Pineapple Stage (mythical pineapple-shaped stage) offers concerts every night, and free salsa classes every Thursday from 9pm.

2. Discover street art in Wynwood Walls

A former abandoned industrial site, Wynwood is today one of the most impressive (and unsgrammable) places in terms of street art and graffiti. Some works are iconic and have been present for many years, other walls are ephemeral and change every month. Wynwood, operated by artists from all over the world, and one of the best things to do in Miami, for free! Every other Saturday, the place comes to life with DJs, food trucks, ephemeral bars and a market, and becomes the most artistic neighbourhood party you can find!

3. Enjoy authentic nature in the Everglades.

A short drive from Miami will take you to this vast tropical wilderness. Glide over the grassy water on a hovercraft and observe animals in their natural habitat, such as alligators, turtles and the Florida panther.

4. Take a boat trip to Stiltsville.

Located less than 2km from the bay of Biscayne, these pastel-coloured wooden houses seem to float on the turquoise water. Stiltsville’s first houses on stiltsville were built in 1930, where the inhabitants practised prohibited gambling and the houses were also transformed into nightclubs. After several storms, the houses are now weakened and need to be restored. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get there for a game of poker or a drink… But this fun and original place remains emblematic in Miami, and the incredible view is worth the detour!

5. Swim in Venetian Pool

The Coral Gables neighborhood in Miami is nicknamed “the City Beautiful”, so it’s no surprise to find an outstanding public swimming pool there! Created from an abandoned quarry in the 1920s, the Venetian Pool is an artificial lagoon from another world, with caves, waterfalls, bridges and fountains.