Domino’s Test Runs Drone Delivery in New Zealand

Pizza lovers in New Zealand are in for a treat as their pizzas will soon be dropping from the skies. Domino’s recently demonstrated that it is possible to use drones with camera for food delivery. And with the success of the test run, the company plans to start doing actual deliveries from next month. According to Scott Bush, general manager at Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, “There is a massive traffic congestion in Auckland, so it makes perfect sense to do our deliveries via the airways.”


This is how it works; after a Domino’s customer has made a request for drone delivery, they will get a notification to let them know the delivery is approaching. They then need to go outside and hit a button on their smartphone, the drone lowers the pizza via a tether and once the package has been delivered, the tether is pulled back up and the drone flies back to base.

Drone delivery could attract an extra charge initially, but the company hopes to do free pizza deliveries in the long term. According to Bush, there will be test deliveries to actual customers which starts on the 26th September from one of the stores in Auckland. Powered by the American drone company, Flirtey, the drone flights will be automated, with a human on standby nearby to supervise the process. Due to the existing drone laws in New Zealand, there are limits with regards to the distance Domino’s can deliver to. The drone law in New Zealand stipulates that a drone cannot fly farther than the operator of the drone can see. However, the company is liaising with the authorities to remove such barriers.

Customers in the U.S who are hoping for a pizza delivery via a DronesGlobe drone should not get too excited because the New Zealand Domino’s operates as a separate entity from the U.S. chain. The company hopes to be able to expand its drone delivery in New Zealand in early 2017, including providing nighttime deliveries. There are also plans to expand into other countries such as Australia, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.


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